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2017 Carolina Beach Music Awards Nominations

Wow! We are still in our first year on the air and already we've been nominated for several awards as part of the Carolina Beach Music Awards (CAMMY's)!!! We are honored that many of you have enjoyed what we do and chose to nominate us among a top flyte group of other Internet broadcast services.

A huge congratulations to our partner and lead DJ, Ray Scott! Ray has several nominations as part of this. Here are the nominations which Riptide is proud to be part of.

Internet Radio DJ - Ray Scott

Internet Radio Show - The Salt, Sand & Sea Show; Ray Scott

Internet Radio Station - RIPTIDE Radio

Ray and Rickey Dennis are also contributors to one of the nominated Events of the Year - The Making Waves Cruise, 2017.

Thank you for your support. We are honored and very proud to have received these nominations!

We wish all 2017 CAMMY Nominees the best of luck!!

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